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Supporting a Hair and media make up student

The Inclusion team is dedicated to assist students with additional support needs, so they can achieve their best.  
We recently supported a Hair and Media makeup student with autism. He came to us with a background of self harm and severe mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression.
After attending an initial support session with the Inclusion team to discuss his emotional and academic needs, a support plan was written. This detailed the most effective way to support the student, to give him the maximum opportunity to succeed at college.
Support was put in place from day one. Upon arrival, the student was met by the department's student coach and her tutor. The learner was provided with a safe place to go if they felt overwhelmed while at college. He was encouraged to join in team building exercises in the class, which helped him to make friends. Support for offered to help the learner with the class workload, including a named person to talk to.  
This learner used to be a shy and anxious student, who was unsure that the college environment was for them. However, through great effort on the student's part, coupled with the support framework put into place by the inclusion team, he continues to progress in his chosen programme. He has received excellent feedback from class tutors about his practical work and is producing theory work of a great standard. He also enjoys socialising with friends and making the most of life at Reading College.