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We understand why you are enthusiastic about science.

And the government is glad - science and research are major contributors to the UK economy!

Our science courses are specifically geared towards employability and career progression. You will gain technical skills and a practical, applied knowledge of science.

Our programmes can help you on your way to a career in a number of areas such as:

  • Pharmacology – research and develop a number of different pharmaceuticals
  • Clinical research - run clinical trials to test drugs for their effectiveness, risks and benefits to ensure they are safe
  • Toxicology - carry out laboratory and field studies to identify, monitor and evaluate the impact of toxic materials
  • Pathology – research the causes, processes, development and consequences of disease
  • Bioscience – focus on discovering the latest innovations in gene, protein and cellular research

The College is one of the few places where you can study for a science qualification. You’ll study in our labs and on a number of scientific investigations in forensic science, medical science and environmental science to name a few.

Our teachers have real enthusiasm for their subject and a wealth of experience to share. They will help you to take the initiative and really fulfil your potential.

Let us turn your energy into a first class career for life. You won’t regret it.


Applied Science BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma Full-time Vocational Kings Road, Reading