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Support with costs


Are you concerned about the cost of our programmes? Don’t worry; we are working to make our courses available and accessible to every young person.
Students do not pay any fees if they are between 16-18 years old. The only additional costs that may exist on some courses are for materials, uniforms or trips. These are kept to a minimum.
We will help students find as much financial support as we can. We have bursaries for travel, accommodation, course costs and childcare. To qualify, students need to be:
  • Under 18 (on 31 August) with a household imcome of less than £21,000 (or less than £25,000 for subsidised travel)
  • Aged 19 or over (on 31 August) with a household income under £30,000
Find out more about financial support and how to apply, including information on travel pass contributions and how to apply for bursaries.

Students may also enjoy further benefits if they continue to study with us. For example, if a student studies their first Level 3 qualification entirely with us when aged between 19-23, they will not have to pay any tuition or exam fees.  

International students

If your son or daughter is not a UK or EU citizen, they will need to pay international student fees. Please call +44 (0) 118 955 4300 or email international@activatelearning.ac.uk for more details.