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Ace at Work - Enterprise

This course is for students with learning difficulties and/or disabilities. Specialist support is given to help boost students’ work skills. Students are involved in workshops and create goods that are then sold. The course helps develop students’ enterprise skills in a supportive environment. They will gain work confidence and increase their skills in communications and numeracy.

What do I learn?
This course allows students to gain work experience in-house. This means that no external placements are required and young adults can boost their work confidence in a supportive setting. Students will study communications numeracy and have a series of tutorials. Students are involved in craft and garden workshops where they plan and budget small-scale projects. The items that are made during these sessions are then presented for public sale. Students are taught in groups and learn about different aspects of production and selling. Specialist staff are on hand to advise students and the experience gained can help lead on to supported employment.

Students will spend three days a week picking up future skills for employment. There will be group-based learning with students creating goods for sale and being taught work-based communications and numeracy. In addition students will develop enterprise skills based around selling goods to the public.
What do I gain?
In addition to learning about the production and selling of goods students’ communications and numeracy skills will also be developed. Students’ confidence and self-esteem will be increased through the satisfaction of producing and selling goods.
What do I need?
No qualifications are required. Students will be individually assessed and given an informal interview.
What can I do next?
Students can progress on to supported employment or further study.

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