Supporting all learners

Supporting all learners

You’ve never had a learning experience like this before!

You’ll get useful information and advice throughout your time with us.

Our unique go further curriculum model means you will develop a full range of skills in an exciting new way. You’ll have access to innovative technology and our professional Student Coaches are always there for extra advice and help.

  • You will be assigned a personal tutor who will help with any issues
  • You will get an individual learning plan to track and review your progress

You are always welcome to speak to tutors or curriculum managers about how things are going.

When you start we will measure your skills in numeracy and literacy [1]. This means you will begin your studies at the right level, and highlights areas where we might be able to help such as spelling, essay writing, basic maths and organising your workload.

Throughout the year our Employment and Careers [2] team is available to answer your questions, whether this is about going to university, taking a gap year, finding a job or applying for an apprenticeship.

All these factors together mean that you have the perfect level of support to get the results you are looking for.