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Careers advice and guidance


Good careers advice can be difficult to come by.
Funding for careers advice in schools has been reduced in recent years. This means that while some schools still have dedicated, impartial advisers, others don’t. Some even rely on teachers rather than advisers to do this job. If your child’s school has a careers adviser, you should make an appointment with them to discuss your options. 
However, this isn’t your only option. At Activate Learning, our team of independent careers advisers is here to support you.  Call us on 0800 371 434 to find out how we can help you.
Our advisers can:
  • Help your son or daughter to think about their next steps by exploring what they like (and don’t like), their talents and interests
  • Explore the type of education or training that‘s right for them
  • Look at school and college courses, apprenticeships and employment opportunities
  • Plan a career pathway that will build the qualifications, skills and experience needed to succeed in their chosen industry
  • They can also provide practical help with preparing a CV, applying for a job or to university or getting ready for an interview.

Careers resources

You can use these helpful websites with your son or daughter to help them think about their future.

Supporting career guidance at schools

If you are would like us to speak to pupils at your school regarding Activate Learning's programmes and apprenticeships, we are able to:

  • Deliver sessions on options
  • Hold drop in clinics to support pupils with their applications
  • Arrange visits to Activate Learning.

Contact us on schoolspartnership@activatelearning.ac.uk  for more information.