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STEM Placement at IBM to benefit students

Anshi Singh, IT Lecturer at Reading College recently attended a STEMInsight Placement at IBM.

The aim of the placement was to develop a curriculum for the students that will help prepare them for the ‘real world’ and to meet experts who can be guest speakers at Reading College, discussing some of the technologies with the students.

The two week placement included sessions such as: social media, design thinking, IBM Cloud, software development life cycle and agile development techniques and data science.

Anshi said that she was particularly impressed when she spoke to Deborah about the diversity of the company, “As she took me upstairs to meet her team, the first I thing I noticed was she has an all women team and similar to me she is very passionate about bringing girls to technology. We discussed the diversity issues that she tackles and I was amazed at how much she is working for this issue.”

Through her sessions, Anshi managed to secure a number of speakers for the college including, Ella, Global Recruitment Communications Specialist, who kindly agreed to come to the classroom to kick-start the Social Media project, which will be delivered in January to Level 3 BTEC students at Reading College. Ella will then later return for the end of term presentations from the students.

When commenting on the placement as a whole Anshi said, “It was an amazing and inspirational experience.  I will be using all the skills, insights on various careers and contacts to create a measurable impact on my students and teaching. As part of my Give Back to IBM for providing me this opportunity, I will be working with them to develop resources on Cyber Security for Schools.”

To read the full account of Anshi’s placement, please read her blog Teach Anshi