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Sport students visit the University of South Wales

BTEC Level 3, year two sport and exercise science students visited the University of South Wales in October and participated in a variety of exercise physiology tests, including VO2 Max testing and hydrostatic underwater weighing.  Students were able to experience these key scientific skills first hand, which are a vital part of sport and exercise science.
Teacher Aimee Kaur, said: "The visit benefited the students as they were able to practically investigate the effects of exercise on the human body using first class equipment, along with support from sport and exercise scientists. This experience has been invaluable in preparing our students for studies at university."
Student, Kian Santos-Almonte, said: "The facilities were outstanding; I would recommend someone who doesn’t know what they want to do at university to definitely plan visits as it will change their mind. The day was really enjoyable, we participated in physiology fitness testing in the laboratories, and the equipment was second to none.
"We managed to speak to the lecturers and sports scientists who were all very helpful and showed us the different types of courses we could do there.  There is such a wide range and something to suit everyone. I liked the practical element of the day as we were able to finally apply our theory learnt in the classroom to the practical environment and this made the theory easier to understand. 
"I gained a valuable experience as I got to see what the university life would be like and use the specialist equipment. There is so much sport and other activities happening at the university which has now shaped the university choices I will be making. I will be applying to The University of South Wales to study BSc Football Coaching and Performance or BSc Sports Coaching And Development"
Daniel Trout, Technical Demonstrator Assistant, at University of South Wales, said: "The students were a credit to the college. Everyone was enthusiastic and polite to members of staff and each other. Students engaged fully with every activity and it would be a pleasure to welcome them to the university in the future on undergraduate courses" 
Chris Emsley. Lecturer Sports Development and Coaching, at University South Wales, said: “We were delighted to welcome students from Reading College to USW.  The students took part in a variety of course related activities and met members of teaching staff. 
"I agree that the students were a credit to the college and demonstrated their interest in attending University through their positive engagement throughout the day. 
"I know I speak for everyone at USW when I say, we’d be more than willing to accommodate a visit from Reading College again in the future and hopefully this can become a longer term partnership”