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Pitt Rivers holds fashion show for students

Last Friday, final year fashion students form Reading College took part in a fashion show at the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford.

In the first year of the course, students took a trip to Pitt Rivers and were given a brief of ‘Armour’ to work from, taking inspiration from the museum’s exhibits. Visiting the museum gave the students a wider variety of ideas to work with, from Asian to African origin. In their second year they were given much freedom with their brief, allowing them to take inspiration from any area of the museum’s many artefacts. This time students chose areas such as witch craft, mummification and military.

They were then given the opportunity to come back to the museum last week in order to display their final pieces in the form of a fashion show. The show was open to the public and saw over 70 people register for the event. There was a real buzz as the students were getting ready back stage and they performed very professionally while proudly wearing their garments.

Caroline Blackburn, one of the course teachers said: “All the students have worked incredibly had to create their final pieces. It’s a really great opportunity for them to be invited back to their initial inspiration and exhibit their hard work to the public.”