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IT students offer network solutions

Cisco Systems, a world-leader in technology services and products, visited IT students at Reading College to assess their final presentations, bringing a project that was launched in January to a close.
The students were challenged by Cisco Systems to design and present a solution for a real-life scenario for a client; to create a secure mobile banking branch. Throughout the project the students have worked closely with Cisco Systems and were even invited to visit their office in Green Park. This was a highlight of the project and gave them the opportunity to see a real example of a network in the labs.
The IT students worked in groups and delivered their presentations to a panel which included Cisco Systems’ project representatives. The panel asked each group a number of questions and the students were keen to thoroughly explain and pitch their designs.
Alex Warner, Career Pathway Director at Activate Learning, said: “Cisco Systems have been incredibly supportive; enriching our students’ learning by presenting them with a real-life, current challenge facing the banking and networking industries. The project representatives have been very generous with their time and were keen to ensure that our students had a very real experience of working in such a fast-paced and innovative industry. The visit to the offices in Green Park brought the project to life and enabled the students to ask questions and conduct research ahead of their final presentations. It was fantastic to see how enthusiastic the teams were when delivering their presentations and the solutions that they offered were very impressive.”
Greg Holloway, Client Lead at Cisco Systems, said: “There are many enthusiastic individuals on this course and seeing the way they interact and want to learn is inspiring for everyone from Cisco who have been fundamental in making this happen. We hope we will see many of the students applying for our Apprentice programme and becoming part of our future success and Cisco family.”