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Employer-led project leads to work experience

ICT students at Reading College were approached by Professor Atta Badii to assist with testing an interactive game, YouthYes, designed to help young people to find their career pathway.

Atta Badii is Professor of Secure Pervasive Technologies at Reading University and was able to bring the ICT skills of our students to the attention of R&D managers at Cereno, a company located at the Reading University Science Park. Cereno are a telecoms company which provide communications, collaboration and conferencing technologies.

Following this project, final year ICT student, Andrew Russ, secured a work experience placement with Cereno at Reading University Campus. Whilst working with the company Andrew had various roles and responsibilities, with the focus being fulfilling business and marketing objectives, evaluating and re-designing the Cereno website and assisting with hardware building and testing.

Andrew's main role was to review the website of Cereno and help update it with a new digital interface as well as making the website portable so that it is compatible with tablets and mobile phones. He was asked to create a 2 page report on the review, looking at areas such as: information gathering, planning, design, development, testing and delivery. This project was designed to develop and strengthen Andrew’s business and digital skills. It gave him the chance to take what he had learnt over the last 2 years at Reading College and implement them into the work place. Innovation and creativity was key in order to complete the task to a high standard.

Preeti Vohra, IT Lecturer at Reading College said, “Andrew was really excited about this opportunity to work for Cereno. I think it was great that as well as being given a main role, to help improve the websites efficiency, he also had the chance to get involved in other projects such as helping in the setting up hardware and software for nuVa, (a bespoke product which will be used by the staff and ends up being sold to the customers). I think this helped to bring a sense of responsibility and importance to his time on the placement as he was helping with real projects that the company were currently working on.”