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Mathematics A-level

To help develop your Maths problem-solving and analytical skills this course allows you to study core areas. This course includes algebra and functions, sequences and series and trigonometry followed by the study of statistics and mechanics. You will be taught in well-equipped classrooms by our experienced staff.

This course can be studied as part of the Business or Science Pathway.

What do I learn?
The course includes four units of pure maths and then your study will include the following:
• unit 1: core 1 algebra and functions - coordinate geometry in the (xy) plane sequences and series, differentiation integration
• Unit 2: core 2 algebra and functions - coordinate geometry in the (xy) plane sequences and series, trigonometry exponentials and logarithms, differentiation integration
• unit 3: statistics 1 or mechanics 1. mathematical models in either probability and statistics or in mechanics. The course is modular and students will study two modules consisting of pure mathematics, and either mechanics or statistics, per year
• unit 4: core 3 algebra and functions, trigonometry exponentials and logarithms, differentiation, numerical methods
• unit 5: core 4 algebra and functions - coordinate geometry in the (xy) plane sequences and series differentiation integration vectors
• unit 6: statistics 1, statistics 2, mechanics 1 or mechanics 2.

There is no formal coursework assessment on this course but you will undergo a number of timed examinations.
What do I gain?
Your Mathematics AS level can be a stand-alone qualification or lead on to A2 study. You will have your own specialist personal tutor who you will meet individually or as part of a tutorial and they will help you set review and achieve your targets.

There is an extensive programme of support to help you make higher education decisions and move on to university. The vast majority of A level students progress successfully to higher education.

There is an extensive programme of enrichment opportunities on offer and you will be encouraged to select from a range including volunteering, work experience, sport and performing.
What do I need?
Minimum 6 academic GCSEs at A*-C (4) including English Language and Maths but excluding PE, Dance, Catering i.e. subjects with a large practical component.

For this subject you will also need a minimum grade 6 in GCSE Maths.
What can I do next?
You could progress to higher level study such as a degree in maths, engineering or the pure sciences, or alternatively seek employment. Technology employers rate A-level Maths as the most desirable subject for potential employees to have. Other roles could include working in banks as a Financial Adviser or Chartered Accountant.
What else do I need to know?
For more information on International entries, please contact international@activatelearning.ac.uk.

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2SFALVL18R Full-time Kings Road, Reading


Duration :

Fees :

Start Date :

Monday 03 September 2018

End Date :

Wednesday 24 June 2020
2 Years 16 to 18 EU tuition fee : £40.00
19 to 23 Concession EU tuition fee : £40.00
24+ Loan EU tuition fee : £1,987.00

Please note - Fees may be subject to change