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International Foundation Programme (IFP)

The International Foundation Programme (IFP) is a full-time programme lasting one year which prepares you for successful university or other vocational studies. You study English, maths and three academic subjects.

If you successfully complete this programme, you will gain an Access to Higher Education Diploma. This qualification will give you access to university in the UK, and you could progress on to study for a number of qualifications, such as: Diploma in Nursing and Healthcare, Diploma in Sciences, Diploma in Humanities and Social Sciences.

The programme is for students who are over 19, from the EEA, Switzerland or residents in the UK, and who intend to go to a British university. if you are a national or citizen from outside the EEA, but interested in this or a similar course, please contact international@activatelearning.ac.uk

What do I learn?
Each full-time student on International Foundation Programme (IFP) chooses three subjects which can combine different pathways, or specialise in one pathway:

Choose from:
• Business Studies
• Law
• Culture and Society
• European Studies
• Psychology

Choose from:
• Biology
• Chemistry
• Physics

All students study English Language which also helps those of you who will need to take an IELTS exam. The English subjects are:
• academic writing: learn how to write proofread and edit effective academic essays
• grammar: learn how to communicate accurately in English at an advanced level
• presentation skills: learn how to debate and give presentations
• vocabulary: learn how words are formed and used
• reading: learn how to read a variety of academic texts and take notes

Tutorial: Your personal tutor helps you to make a good application to a British university and to apply for financial support.

Maths: all students have a class in maths, either at Level 2 or at Level 3. This is to satisfy university entrance requirements, and can be in addition to your course.

Assessment: you build up a portfolio of credits during the year based on your coursework, examination performance and attendance in class. These credits are awarded by the Credit 4 Learning Open College Network . Your performance can be assessed at Level 2 or at Level 3. Level 3 credits are awarded at pass, merit or distinction grades. To get the Access Diploma, you need to achieve a minimum of 60 credits. 45 must be at Level 3.
What do I gain?
You improve your English language skills for academic situations and you gain the study skills you need for higher education.

The other skills you improve include speaking in front of an audience, academic research skills, independent study, time management and how to work under pressure. The English language part of the course also helps if you need to take an IELTS exam.
What do I need?
You will usually have successfully completed high school in your own country at Level 2 (GCSE level).

If your education was interrupted and you have no qualifications, you should be able to show that you have experience and understanding that is equivalent to formal educational qualifications. This might include work experience at a professional level, voluntary activities or even bringing up a family in the UK.

You will need to demonstrate that you have a good upper-intermediate level of English, equivalent to IELTS 5.5 or ESOL Reading and Writing Level 1. We will ask you to complete a piece of writing at interview so we know what language level you have.

To apply for the course fill in the application form giving full details of your qualifications from your own country as well as details of any English Language tests you have taken.
What do I gain?
Our students are very successful in gaining places at excellent universities. Some study nearby at Oxford Brookes, Ruskin College Oxford and Buckinghamshire New University, and some move further away. Other students use their improved skills and qualifications to move back into employment, perhaps taking on more responsibility or moving into a different area of work.
What else do I need to know?
Note that the Access to Higher Education Diploma is only recognised in the UK and meets minimum university entry requirements: some universities will set higher requirements for certain courses.

This programme is for students from the EEA and Switzerland. if you are a national or citizen from outside the EEA, but interested in this or a similar course, please contact international@activatelearning.ac.uk