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Performing Arts

Expression through movement and performance. If you are a budding actor or dancer, the world of performing arts awaits.

The sector includes dance, music, opera, theatre, magic, spoken word and musical theatre. Around 100,000 people work in this area in the UK, and 34% of them work in on stage occupations, such as acting or dancing.
Our performing arts courses are ideal preparation for university or drama school. They builds your core skills in acting, dancing and directing, so you can aim for a
career in the performing arts sector.
You’ll collaborate with other production companies too, so if you want to train like a professional in studios and theatres on campus, join us!  We’ve got it all.
Our performing arts department has been invited to join the prestigious University of the Arts London (UAL) examining board. This means that all performing arts
qualifications are awarded and certified by UAL.
Among the benefits, students will have the opportunity to have their work shortlisted to appear at the annual UAL awarding body exhibition at Chelsea College of Art. 
Pick a course and make your move into performing arts.